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Chiara / October 27, 2016 , Thu / this book is lgbtqia

This Book is LGBTQIA+ is my way of putting a spotlight on books that may not be widely recognised as such. I want these books to have as much exposure as they can, and I hope you add some of these titles (or all) to those never-ending TBR piles!

Today’s book is:

spare and found parts by sarah maria griffin


Title: Spare and Found Parts

Author: Sarah Maria Griffin

Publisher: Greenwillow Books

Genre/s: Sci-fi

Nell Crane has always been an outsider. In a city devastated by an epidemic, where survivors are all missing parts—an arm, a leg, an eye—her father is the famed scientist who created the biomechanical limbs everyone now uses. But Nell is the only one whose mechanical piece is on the inside: her heart. Since the childhood operation, she has ticked. Like a clock, like a bomb. As her community rebuilds, everyone is expected to contribute to the society’s good . . . but how can Nell live up to her father’s revolutionary idea when she has none of her own?

Then she finds a mannequin hand while salvaging on the beach—the first boy’s hand she’s ever held—and inspiration strikes. Can Nell build her own companion in a world that fears advanced technology? The deeper she sinks into this plan, the more she learns about her city—and her father, who is hiding secret experiments of his own.

Why This Book is LGBTQIA+

The main character, Nell, is bisexual! She talks about romance between herself and boys and girls. And she also has a massive crush on a girl who runs a bar. I’m not sure why this book is flying under the radar so much in terms of its queerness, but it’s there. It’s 100% there, and this is genre fiction with a female bi main character. Which is just massive. And amazing.

The book itself is infinitely gorgeous, with prose that will make you envy the author. There’s also a robot guy whose innocence and lack of understanding is adorable.

I was surprised by how much I ended up loving Spare and Found Parts, and you can read my full review here.

(trigger warning: death of a parent, arranged marriage, and heart complications/surgery in this novel)


6 Responses to this book is lgbtqia+ (#6)

  1. OMG I DIDN’T KNOW THIS WAS LGBTQIA+. Plus it sounds so good. Eeeep. Thanks for putting it on my radar, Chiara!

  2. Romi says:

    *Twirls around with pom poms for this post and this series and you*

    You know, I wonder why some books just aren’t talked about as being lgbtiqa+? Is there a reason why someone might mark a Two Boys Kissing as lgbtiqa+ and not Ari and Dante? When a character actually states their sexuality, like Nell does in this book, what is the actual reason for not discussing that? I don’t really get it, but I’d quite like to find an answer because it’s perplexing and this erasure in this community is becoming really quite awful (although, it’s been like that for a while. Maybe I’m just getting really, really sick of it) and I just want to know whyyy. Is it the old “spoiler” debate? Some people, sure, probably don’t think about labelling books as diverse/lgbtiqa+, but how can that be so of the majority of people?

    Also: SO EXCITED TO READ THIS. *ogles the cover for it is beautiful. Ogles the book for it sounds amazing.*

    • Chiara says:

      I don’t know why READERS neglect to categorise books with LGBTQIA+ characters as such. The spoiler debate is ridiculous, as we have discussed before. As for publishers, I read an interesting thread on Twitter about how it can actually be a good thing, in terms of LGBTQIA+ teens who are not out to their family and friends, and can thus pick up a book without it shouting about its queer content. But, then again, for them to be able to find out it HAS an LGBTQIA+ character at the helm, readers would have to say so. :/

      I love the cover SO MUCH.

  3. What?? I loved Silhouette of a Sparrow and I had no idea the author had another LGBTQIA book! Grateful for this!

    • Chiara says:

      I’m glad to have put you onto it! I was so happy to find a surprise bi (or pan, since there are no labels in the book) character :D I hope you like it, Danika!

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