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Chiara / October 5, 2015 , Mon / this book is lgbtqia

This Book is LGBTQIA+ is my way of putting a spotlight on books that may not be widely recognised as such. I want these books to have as much exposure as they can, and I hope you add some of these titles (or all) to those never-ending TBR piles!

Today’s book is:

lair of dreams by libba bray

lair of dreams

Title: Lair of Dreams (The Diviners #2)

Author: Libba Bray

Publisher: Allen & Unwin/Atom/Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Genre/s: Paranormal mystery, historical

After a supernatural showdown with a serial killer, Evie O’Neill has outed herself as a Diviner. Now that the world knows of her ability to ‘read’ objects, and therefore the past, she has become a media darling, earning the title ‘America’s Sweetheart Seer’. There’s just one downside – a sham engagement to the irritatingly handsome Sam Lloyd.

But not everyone is so accepting of the Diviners’ abilities… and across town, a mysterious sleeping sickness is spreading through Chinatown, leaving dead dreamers in its wake.

Can the Diviners descend into the slumberland and catch a killer?

Why This Book is LGBTQIA+

Henry, one of the main characters of this novel, is gay. He spends a lot of the book searching for the boyfriend he had to leave behind because of his family (Louis – precious, beautiful Louis). Henry is the epitome of gorgeous, if I’m being honest. He’s sassy, sarcastic, and loves his friends more than anything.

I love that Henry was one of the characters with a major plotline in Lair of Dreams (he was a minor character in The Diviners). YAY diversity in historical/paranormal mystery (we definitely need more of that!).

If you want to read more of my thoughts on Lair of Dreams, click here.

(I have to give warning that there is homophobia with terrible consequences in this book, though.)


8 Responses to this book is lgbtqia+ (#2)

  1. Alyssa says:

    Ooh, I’m so excited this feature is back! I’ve heard of The Diviners before, although I had no clue it featured an LGBT character. I do so love non-contemporary with diversity — to be honest, contemporary is developing by leaps and bounds with respect to WNDB, but other genres need it just as much.

    • Chiara says:

      Yay! I’m glad you’re excited :D I hope to have another one up soon, too!

      RIIIGHT? I mean, I was pretty happy to see Henry as a side character in The Diviners, so when he was a main character in Lair of Dreams, I was SO HAPPY.

      I hope this has inspired you to read the series, Alyssa, because it’s awesome :D

  2. Rebecca says:

    I didn’t know this was an LGBTQIA+ so that’s great to know! I tried reading The Diviners when it first released, but I’m too much of a scaredy cat. I tried reading it during the day, but didn’t seem to be able to find the time to read and then soon enough, night time arrived and I was screwed. Ha! Horror? Me? *hides under bed*

  3. Romi says:

    Oh now this is neat (Romi’s go to word of the day, ‘parrently). Having the character only be small part, secondary in the first book and then become one of the main POVS is so awesome, especially if you really liked that character from the get go. Although the raging homophobia with awful consequences is not something I think I’d be able to cope with.

    • Chiara says:

      YES. I was so happy to see Henry as a main character in the sequel, because he is one of my favourites <3

      Ah, the homophobia isn't really present for Henry, but someone he knows. And it's told through flashbacks. But I needed to say, because that can be triggering for some people. I hope it doesn't put you off, Romi! It's sad, but not explicit. <3

  4. I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR LIBBA BRAY RIGHT NOW, YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. I had absolutely no idea Lair of Dreams was LGBTQIA (even though The Diviners is basically my favourite book in every universe ever imagined and I will go to my grave defending it), and the fact that it is only increases my adoration for everything associated with this series. Thank you so much for the lovely, concise review, Chiara – you’ve bumped Lair of Dreams up even higher on my TBR!

    • Chiara says:

      IKR. She is pretty much becoming an auto-buy author for me (and she followed me on Twitter – WHAT EVEN!?). I was so excited that the fantastic story in The Diviners series focussed on Henry in the sequel, because not only is he gorgeous, but he’s also queer so all the points to Lair of Dreams, seriously.

      No problem, dear! I hope you read it ASAP <3

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