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Rejection, Rejection, Rejection is my way of: a) sharing things with you that I fully intended to through publications but that were rejected, and b) show you that being rejected is part of being a writer. I really hope you like this series, because I was ridiculously over-excited about it when the idea came to me. I hope you like these pieces that nearly missed out on being seen by your eyes.

#1 – flash fiction

This piece is one that I submitted for a flash fiction blog that publishes stories that are exactly one hundred words (including the title). The topic was ‘underground’. This is exactly as I submitted it, but with only three added words.


He dreamed of the things he’d never seen. Most of them came from the books he’d found hidden in the box under the floor.

He dreamed of the sun, and what it would feel like if he stepped out into it for the first time, letting the warmth seep into the layers of his skin right through to his soul.

He dreamed of the princes that woke sleeping girls and saved trapped girls and married mermaid girls, and how a prince would save a boy in darkness.

He dreamed of life, of something more, of love.

But they were all just dreams.

So there you have it! My little flash fiction submission that would never have seen the light of day if I hadn’t started Rejection, Rejection, Rejection. I really hope you like my little story, and the blog series!


18 Responses to rejection, rejection, rejection (#1) – flash fiction

  1. Rebecca says:

    I LOVE THIS BLOG SERIES since I think you’re amazing and that you write beautifully. So excited for the rest of these posts and to read more of your words. Lucky us ^__^

  2. Crini says:

    Love this new blog series and especially the story!

  3. Alyssa says:

    I love this feature! I actually don’t receive rejections so much as be too lazy to actually sub to various lit mags. Besides, my novels are much more motivation to work on that short works. Still, this is a very beautiful piece! Love the idea of underground and ignorance and gosh, such heartbreaking dreams.

    • Chiara says:

      Thank you so much! I have to say I was pretty excited when I thought of it, haha :D

      I can’t always write novels, because they can feel a bit stifling at times, so I do like to let go and write shorts to fill in the time!

      Ah, your words make me happy ^.^ I am so glad you liked it, Alyssa <3

  4. I love this! This feature is beautiful! + your writing is amazing! :D

  5. I am SO excited for this new feature because I want to read more of your writing. That being said, I love this. It made me realize how powerful words are, with just a few ones you managed to make me feel something. I kinda wanted to hug him, lol

  6. Ely says:

    This is so beautiful. I love reading people’s flash fiction/short stories/essays/poems etc. but I can’t write them for the life of me. I need long novels to develop my characters.

    Also, sometimes I come here to cry over how insanely gorgeous your blog is. Today was one of those days.

    • Chiara says:

      Thank you so much, lovely <3 I actually love writing both, because sometimes it can be hard to fit all you want to in a short number of words :D

      Oh, stahp. *hugs*

  7. Romi says:

    This is… it’s seriously gorgeous, Chiara. It’s beyond beautiful. So destinct and carrying and emotional and just sodding gorgeous. Eloquence in the face of such glory and emotion is impossible. You write ace.

  8. Oh, Chiara, I do so adore all of your ideas – and I think this blog series is such a beautiful way to make light of a phenomenon that happens even to the best writers. <3 I enjoyed reading this piece, as well, especially the line "how a prince would save a boy in darkness". What a vividly gorgeous image – thank you so much for sharing!

    • Chiara says:

      Ah, thank you so much! I thought it a lot of writers could probably relate, and I wanted to share all the things that have been rejected, so I made this series :D

      I’m so glad you liked it, Topaz <3

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