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Chiara / May 4, 2018 , Fri / queer movies i've watched recently

1. the limehouse golem


The Limehouse Golem isn’t a queer movie per se but the main character – Detective Kildare – is gay. There isn’t really any storyline regarding his sexuality, but to be honest I was just excited that I watched a movie with a surprise queer protagonist.

In general, The Limehouse Golem was pretty incredible. I was absolutely riveted from the moment it started to the moment it ended. The actors were brilliant, the storyline was incredible, and the cintematography, sets, and costumes were sublime. If you’re into period mysteries then you should definitely give this one a go.

2. love, simon


I finally saw Love, Simon! And it was so incredibly gorgeous. I actually saw this one with the queer youth that I work with, and I think it made the experience all the more special. To see these young people see themselves on the big screen was absolutely amazing.

Love, Simon was quite different to the book, which surprised me a little. But every adaptation has its changes. And I think the changes made were the best ones to make the story fit the screen. It was honestly so incredible to see a queer rom-com for teens make it to theatres. I cannot hope enough that Hollywood realises that the time has well and truly come for movies about queer teens to hit the screen, and that non-queer teens aren’t the only ones who deserves to see themselves, who deserve love stories.

I seriously cannot wait for this movie to be released on DVD because I know I’ll be watching it again and again.

3. call me by your name


I m so very uninterested in people trying to pit this movie and Love, Simon against each other. They are completely different stories, different genres, and also set in different times and places. So that’s that for me talking about the two together.

Call Me By Your Name was a beautiful piece of cinema. It is slow and luxurious, which is perfect because it’s set in the summer and what is summer but slow and luxurious? It was so cute, honestly, to watch Elio’s feelings for Oliver change from the beginning of the movie to the end. The arc of those emotions and the relationship between the two were hands down my favourite aspects of this movie.

There were a lot of poignant moments in the film, and I was almost in tears when Elio was talking to his father toward the end. That conversation was such a good one, and so affirming for Elio, and I adored it. I adored his relationship with his family overall, really. Another one of my favourite scenes is where they’re all on the couch together and the mother is reading to her husband and son. It was beautiful.

I loved this movie and I know I’ll be watching it again.

4. professor marston and the wonder women


I was instantly keen to watch this movie when I found out it was about the polyamorous relationship between Professor Marston, his wife, and another woman. I’ve never seen polyam rep in a movie before so I was Excited. And it didn’t disappoint.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women was an interesting movie about the origins of Wonder Woman, and the two women that inspired her creation. There wasn’t a whole lot about the creation of Wonder Woman, apart from a few scenes, as the bulk of the movie focussed on the relationships between the Professor, his wife, Elizabeth, and their partner, Olive.

It was interesting to see how their relationship progressed because they faced a lot of hurdles. It was especially hard to see how the public’s judgement of their relationship influenced Elizabeth, but it’s okay: this queer movie has an overall happy ending. The best part of Professor Marston and the Wonder Women was seeing the three of them in a happy, loving relationship together. It was cute as hell, to be honest.

5. princess cyd


Princess Cyd came up when I was looking through Netflix’s queer movie section. It was around an hour and a half long, and about a queer girl so I decided to give it a go. Overall, I was kind of underwhelmed.

The story follows Cyd, who stays a few weeks with her aunt, who she hasn’t seen in many years. I think I wasn’t a huge fan of Princess Cyd because of Cyd herself. She was very strange, but not in a cool way. The way she spoke to her aunt sometimes was pretty rude, especially since her aunt was at least trying to make Cyd feel welcome after her dad shipped her off. Also, I think that talking to your estranged aunt about her sex life is… weird.

The best part about this movie was the romance between Cyd and Katie. Though I really would have liked some more scenes with and about Katie because I think she was an interesting character and her potential wasn’t used to the fullest. Most of all, I would have liked to see her talk about her gender, since Cyd’s aunt and Cyd had a tiny conversation about it but it was never brought up with Katie herself.

Cyd came off as pan to me, because when there was yet another sexual conversation with strangers, Cyd answered “everything” when asked what she “liked”. I would have loved to see more conversation about that, as well. But I think Princess Cyd was less about queerness and identity than about a slice of life and summer romance.

Have you watched any of these movies? Do you want to? Have you seen any LGBTQIA+ movies recently?


4 Responses to queer movies i’ve watched recently (#4)

  1. I want to see Love Simon so badly but I haven’t got the money to go to the cinema right now, so it’ll have to wait, unfortunately. My brother got to attend a surprise screening and walked out of it, which bugs me because I could have seen it and enjoyed it. And I’ve heard a lot of good things about Call Me By Your Name, but the age difference between the two main characters really puts me off watching it šŸ˜¬

    • Chiara says:

      Aw, no! Luckily the DVD release is right around the corner. I hope you end up loving it!

      I mean, each to their own :) I enjoyed it and I know others who have as well, but I also know some other people don’t like the age gap and that’s okay, too.

  2. I can’t wait for Love Simon to come out on DVD! I’m actually thinking of seeing it again once it comes out here (I saw it while studying abroad) because I just loved it so so much and I miss it. It’s been so long since I’ve bought a DVD but this is definitely a movie I need on DVD
    I’ve been meaning to watch Professor Marston for so long now! I really need to get on with it.
    I tried watching Princess Cyd a few weeks ago but I couldn’t get through it. I found it really slow and boring, and there was nothing that was really pulling me in. Glad to hear I didn’t miss anything haha

    • Chiara says:

      I NEVER preorder DVDs but I preordered Love Simon :D I can’t wait to watch it in the comfort of my own home, haha.

      I hope you like Professor Marston if you get around to watching it! It’s quite different but I definitely liked it.

      Yeah, you really didn’t miss out on anything with Princess Cyd. The only reason why I finished it was because it’s so short :P

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