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I’m here talking about horror movies (again – I did tell you I would talk about them, did I not?). And some horror movies for people who don’t like horror movies, because I plan to take over the world by forcing persuading people to watch and read the things I love to watch and read (my plan is perfection, obviously. You’ll all be bowing at my feet one day soon, I am sure).

Sometimes, when I mention my love for horror movies, my friend or random person will gasp: oh, how I detest horror movies!

Which will elicit a confused expression on my behalf, and a bewildered wondering why on earth anyone would detest horror movies. The thrills! The fear! The avoidance of the bathroom and all dark windows and mirrors! It’s all fun. So, today, I am recommending five scary movies for people who do not like scary movies. Which makes perfect sense, yes? YES. Okay, here we go. (All the source links will take you to IMDb.)

1. an american haunting

an american haunting


Okay, so apparently this movie flopped big time, and I’m guessing it’s because it can make it onto a list like this. I REALLY liked this movie, because even though it has some of your typical ‘noises in the night’ tropes that a lot of scary movies have, the base storyline is heartbreakingly emotional. Besides a few moment of “oh noes, there’s scary shit going down”, the movie is ultimately an awesome one that isn’t so scary.

2. cry wolf

cry wolf


OHMYGOSH. I still remember how incredibly amazing I thought this movie to be when I first watched it at a high school sleepover. I fell absolutely in love with it, and have since watched it numerous times. Cry Wolf is all up in the teenage boarding school drama and creep factor, and is just dripping in mystery. Yeah, there are a few deaths which some might say are gory, but the thrills are more “who the fuck is doing this?” than anything else. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. (Don’t take any notice of that creepy AF cover. Totally misleading.)

3. dream house

dream house


I was not expecting a lot from this movie. I almost put it back when I was renting it from my DVD rental place, because I had a feeling I’d seen it before (which I hadn’t). But I relented, and ended up loving it. Similar to An American Haunting, there are bumps in the night creepy moments, and a dude who you see outside of the house, but all in all Dream House is an emotional story that had me in tears. TEARS, I tell you. Obviously it can’t be too scary (I promise they were tears of sadness, and not fear).

4. the haunting in connecticut

the hanting in connecticut


Hands down one of my all time favourite horror movies. This movie is precious. It stars one of my favourite actors, who just has a face that SCREAMS vulnerability, and begs you to wrap him in a blankey and protect him from the world, which I guess is why he’s so good in this role. The scary moments aren’t so big in this movie, but they are there. However, the main focus of this movie is what happened in the house in the past, and how it’s affecting my precious baby. Not to say there aren’t creepy moments, but they’re not ones that’ll keep you away from bathrooms.

5. passengers



I thought this movie would be filled to the brim with murder and mayhem, but it’s not. It’s a thriller, rather than a horror, so there are no monsters ripping up people, but the thrills are little to none. Passengers is more of a mystery drama than anything else, but I won’t tell you why it still needs to be in the thriller section. Just trust me that it’s worth watching because there’s a greatly emotional storyline to it, and cute romance, to boot!

So there you have it. My five scary movie reommendations for people who do not like scary movies! If you’re one of those people, I really recommend giving these a go (starting off with Passengers and Dream House, and then moving on to the Haunting movies, and finally Cry Wolf), because they are 100% worth the watch.

Do you have any favourite scary movies? Or scary movie recs for people who don’t like scary movies (or who do)? Let me know!


8 Responses to five scary movies for people who don’t like scary movies

  1. Beth W says:

    I haven’t heard of any of those, but I’m definitely a horror movie wuss, so I’ll check them out. Thanks! I really liked The Others because the creep factor is minimal and mostly you’re enthralled by the mystery.

    • Chiara says:

      Yay! If you end up watching any of them, please let me know :D

      Oh yes, I really liked The Others, too. I have a few more movies that I have thought of since I wrote this post, so I think I will have to do a part two!

  2. You can try all you want, but no way that I’m picking up any of these movies, haha. Passenger is the only one that looks try-able.

    I’m a scary pants and your descriptions alone make me go: NOPE. I hate those tense movies and I’m not fun watching them anyway. I always freak out. Loud.

    • Chiara says:

      Oh nooooo. Passengers is a really good movie! I definitely recommend it, since it isn’t scary at all ;D

      I used to loathe scary movies as well, but I think I have become a little desensitised to them, haha!

  3. Romi says:

    Okay, so after our skype chat you know that these movies, even if not scary in the least, would still terrify me. I’m not quite oe of those people who says “I detest this type of movie”, but… I’m just incapable of watching them, because I will become a shattered piece of soul that HAS NO HOME. I WILL BE LOST. So I’ll stick with Pride and Prejudice (I watched the trailer for the Zombies one. It litz gave me nightmares. This is how impossible things are for me.) and dreamy swooners that won’t try and eat off my face.
    I did watch three quarters of the trailer for Passengers! *is proud of self* until… it got too creepy. *sob/laugh*

    • Chiara says:

      But you’re missing out on so much, Romi! If we lived closer to each other, you do realise I would cajole you into having a horror movie marathon and then you would be converted, right? :D

      Ugh, I don’t really know what to think of P&P & Zombies. I never approved of the book, so I probably won’t get around to watching the movies.

      Oh, no. Please watch Passengers! It’s actually a really lovely movie with, like, zero scary bits. I promise.

  4. Ha, I am basically the world’s biggest wimp, and yet for some reason I continually insist on torturing myself by watching horror film after horror film (it makes sense to me in some twisted way, I swear!). I have not seen any of these except for DREAM HOUSE – at the end of which I was left sobbing, so I suppose that went down well – but I have added them to my list, and I am so looking forward to watching them. Thank you for the recommendations, lovely!

    • Chiara says:

      It does make sense! Horror movies used to TERRIFY ME, but now they are some of my favourites :D

      Ohmygosh! I haven’t actually met anyone who has watched DREAM HOUSE, so yay! The end had me entirely broken hearted, as well. I know your pain *hug*

      Oh, you must let me know what you think of them all, dear! And no problem <3

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