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are any of your books currently published?

Alas, no. I’m currently an aspiring author, which means that at the moment I can wear the proud banner of ‘writer’, but not yet that of ‘author’. But don’t worry, as soon as that changes, you’ll be the first to know.

can i read your book/s?

Thank you so much for the interest, lovely. But I currently have beta readers who receive my novels before they’re ready for your eyes. But remember: I am relentless in my quest to get my books out into the world and into your hands.

is there somewhere i can read your stuff?

This blog is the perfect place for that! I have posted several pieces in this category, and hope to post more soon. And if I have any poetry/flash fiction/short story/etc. related publication news, I will celebrate with great fanfare so that I can usher you to the place where it can be read.

You can read my pieces on The Regal Fox here and here. I also have a Patreon where I share a lot of my work, and extra things regarding my writing process, as well!

i have a question that isn’t answered.

Not surprising, since there are only three questions that I could actually think to put here. If you want to chat or ask me something, feel free to send me an email at: contact@chiarasullivan.com – I check these every day, and will endeavour to reply in a timely manner!

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