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Chiara / May 4, 2016 , Wed / queer movies i've watched recently

I found myself having watched three LGBTQIA+ movies in the last two weeks, and I thought I would go ahead and share some short thoughts on them because they’re LGBTQIA+, which is important, and they’re also movies, which I love. (All the source links will take you to IMDb.)

1. holding the man

holding the man


Holding the Man was a movie I’d been looking forward to for ages. It’s a story about two guys who meet and fall in love in high school, and it follows them through quite a lot of years of their life. To be honest, I was expecting to like it a lot more than I ended up liking it. I thought it would be one of those movies that completely ripped me apart and left me sobbing at the end (I’m looking at you, RENT). There was a particular moment that had me in tears because it was heartbreaking, but overall, I didn’t quite feel for this story in the way I thought I would.

I still 100% recommend it, though. It’s got a tonne of lovely moments, and I feel like it was a really raw and emotional depiction of the relationship between Tim and John (who are actually real. This is based off an autobiographical book written by Tim), and how both their lives were affected by HIV/AIDS.

2. the normal heart

normal heart


The Normal Heart broke me. It was one of those moments where I could let myself spiral down into a blackhole of despair and tears. The Normal Heart follows a fictional character through the initial discovery and subsequent epidemic of HIV/AIDS. I knew things were bad for the gay community back then – I think everyone knows that. But some of the events in this movie had me completely shocked. I don’t know if this kind of shit actually happened, but I’m guessing it did since this story is a semi-autobiographical account from the man who wrote it.

The main character, Ned, is angry. He wants HIV/AIDS to be recognised, and he’s frustrated as all hell at the fact that no one was willing to do that. His friends give him a lot of flack for that, but to be honest, I couldn’t blame him. Hell, I was angry as all hell watching how HIV/AIDS was completely dismissed by everyone they spoke to.

One of the best aspects of this movie is the relationship that develops between Ned and Felix It’s absolutely gorgeous, and will leave you wrecked. I 100% recommend The Normal Heart.

3. pride



I was recommended this movie by the lovely¬†Romi, and finally got around to watching it (she rec’d it at Christmas). It was completely different to the previous two movies I’d watched. In general, it was a lot more light-hearted. It follows the story of a group called Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM), which wanted to raise money to assist the mining communities back in the eighties. All towns except one refused their help.

Pride was, on the whole, pretty adorable. The latent homophobia expressed by some of the people in the mining town was a difficult pill to swallow sometimes, but the overall acceptance and support of LGSM was heartwarming. As with both Holding the Man and The Normal Heart, HIV/AIDS did play a role in this movie (which isn’t really surprising since they were all set in the 1980s). There were a lot of sweet moments in Pride, however, and it was incredibly enjoyable overall.

I really liked all three of these movies, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would be The Normal Heart. But seriously, all these movies were absolutely gorgeous. I really want to try and find more LGBTQIA+ movies to watch, especially ones that don’t just focus on the G, and also have some intersectional diversity in them, as well.

Have you seen any of these movies? Do you want to? Have you got an LGBTQIA+ movies you recommend?

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