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Chiara / October 10, 2018 , Wed / films & music

In all honesty, I love watching movies just as much as I love reading books. I have my book blog to chat about the books I read, and I wanted something similar for the movies I see. I created Movie of the Month as a way to talk about the movies I watch, especially the good ones. Maybe you’ll even find some great flicks to add to your watch list!

movie of the month


I wanted to see Marrowbone because it looked creepy and I devour horror movies like… air, I guess. Every so often I check out what movies have just been released and ones that are coming in the future, and I write down all the horror movies that look good. And one day I found Marrowbone.

What I thought would just be a run of the mill haunted house horror movie turned into so much more. I won’t say how or why, but just know that this movie is not what you go in expecting it to be. It is so much more.

I’ve written about horror movies in the past, and how I’m not a fan of ones that are about senseless killings and meaningless jump scares. Well, Marrowbone throws both of these out the window. There is not one senseless or meaningless thing in the entire film.

I think one of the best parts of Marrowbone was the acting on behalf of all the people in this film. It’s incredible to see young people really shine, and this was no exception. I must say that the acting of George MacKay was absolutely brilliant, and he blew me away.

There was honestly no competition for my favourite movie of September 2018, even though I watched my fair share of them. Marrowbone was just a cut above the rest.

What’s a great movie you watched recently?

Chiara / August 30, 2018 , Thu / films & music, lgbtqia

It’s been a while since I shared five of my favourite LGBTQIA+ shows, and since then I’ve discovered and fallen in love with more. And also remembered some that I didn’t include in the first post. So! Here are some more queer shows I love…

1. black sails


I only started watching Black Sails about two weeks ago, and I am Obsessed. There are four main queer characters in this badass pirate show and it makes my heart so happy!!

Black Sails makes you think that it’s a run of the mill dudebro show, and then all of a sudden it’s like: hey, my whole premise is gay. And it’s fucking brilliant. I want more shows like this, nay, need more shows like this.

I’m nearly done with the second last season and I don’t want this to end. I am pretty sure I’ll go back and rewatch it because the storylines are so complex I’m certain I missed some things along the way. And also, I would get to see my bloodthirsty sons and daughters again, yay <3

2. lost girl


I had absolutely no idea that Lost Girl was about a bi heroine until I started watching it. So much shame on the world for not hyping up this show!! It’s a queer urban fantasy show!! And also really good!!

I read an article about Lost Girl and the fact that Bo is bi (sadly, the word is never used in the show). It was pretty good, and I liked the fact that the writer/creator (can’t remember who the interview was with, sorry) was like: we made the decision to make Bo’s two love interests (one of whom is a guy, the other a girl) equally important on the screen, in both romantic and sexual ways.

So yeah, Lost Girl is a about a succubus so there’s quite a lot of sexual content, but to be honest I never felt like it was fetishising. In all honesty, I felt like Bo and her girl’s love and relationship was more nuanced and invested in than her and her boy’s.

All in all, I really enjoyed watching Lost Girl, and I was super invested by the end. Also, there’s a bunch of side queer characters – Bo isn’t the only one!!

3. buffy


Okay, so this is not just one of my fave queer shows, but one of my fave shows, period. And even though I was never happy with the way Willow’s sexuality was handled (let us never forget the “I’m gay now” line), and the fact that there was a tragic lesbians storyline, it still counts.

I first watched this show when I was about 15, so around the same age as Buffy is in the beginning. I thought that it was the coolest fucking thing ever, and I still kind of do. I have grown more aware of its problems since I was a teen, but I can’t erase it’s importance to me, or the fact that it was one of very few TV shows in the nineties/early noughties that featured queer characters at all.

So, problematic? Yes. But also featuring a cute as hell and Super Soft f/f couple? Yes.

4. dawson’s creek


Okay so  am 100% not ashamed to admit that this show is my life. I was but a wee lass when it was on TV so I only remember season five and onward, but since then I have lost count of how many times I have watched Dawson’s Creek. It is my childhood, my teen years, and my adulthood. It is everything to me.

And also has a gay character in Jack, bless. There was still a bit of fumbling regarding Jack’s sexuality in the beginning, but to be honest they got to the point of it pretty quickly. And he had just as much of a romantic storyline as the rest of the characters. In fact, his romantic endgame was so strong. One of the strongest, to be honest.

5. degrassi: next class


I love this show. I’ve loved this show in all its iterations across time, and have been mildly obsessed since I was a teeny tot watching Next Generation on ABC, with that woman warning parents about the content, hahaha. Even though when I started watching this Next Class on Netflix, I had no idea who any of the characters were or what their relationships had been, I was still hooked. The drama in this show is like nothing else and I live for it.

There was a bit of bi erasure in one episode, though, which I was not a fan of. And I can’t remember if the character was brought up on it or not… However, besides that one incident that I remember, I’ve loved all that I’ve watched of this show and I eagerly await more.

Have you watched any of these shows? Do you want to? What are some of your favourite shows with LGBTQIA+ characters?

Chiara / August 28, 2017 , Mon / films & music

In all honesty, I love watching movies just as much as I love reading books. I have my book blog to chat about the books I read, and I wanted something similar for the movies I see. I created Movie of the Week as a way to talk about the movies I watch, especially the good ones. Maybe you’ll even find some great flicks to add to your watch list!

movie of the week


The Space Between Us had been on my watch list ever since I saw the trailer. It tells the story of a boy born on Mars, and his desperation to be part of human society on Earth.

After watching HUGO, I watch pretty much everything Asa Butterfield is in. But Space sounded so lovely, and something that I could totally fall in love with. And it was! I adored every second of this movie, and I can definitely see myself watching it again in the future.

Asa’s character – Gardner – has that adorable naivete that I find so compelling in characters. The different relationships he has with people over the course of the movie are varied, complex, and nuanced, which I absolutely loved. The romance between him and Tulsa was sweet, and I can definitely say I shipped it.

In terms of genre I guess you could classify this as sci-fi and romance, which are two things you don’t see much of in movies together. I suppose that’s one of the reasons I liked it so much!

Honourable Mention:


I am currently on a dance movie binge, and watched Honey over the weekend. I ended up enjoying it so much, which was a nice surprise! As much as I love my dance films not all of them are spectacular, haha. Honey is definitely up there with my favourite dance movies. If you want recs or want to talk dance movies, please do because I love them

What’s a great movie you watched recently?

Chiara / March 2, 2017 , Thu / films & music, lgbtqia

1. sense8


I don’t see how Sense8 couldn’t be on a list of favourite shows with LGBTQIA+ characters. This show is so queer and it is so wonderful. Even though at times I am not 100% sure of the storyline regarding the sensate business I thoroughly enjoy every episode I watch. The character relationships and the romantic relationships are all A+. YAY FOR SUPPORT AND FOUND FAMILIES.

Also huge kudos to Netflix for hiring a transwoman actress to act in a transwoman role. If only the rest of the world would do this for trans roles (and all LGBTQIA+ roles, let’s be real).

In my Googling for this post, I just found out that one of the creators said that ‘in theory’ all of the characters in Sense8 are pansexual so *endless cheering and excitement and yeses*

2. orphan black


I had heard about Orphan Black a lot, but I was never particularly interested in watching it. Then, one fateful day, I was browsing through Netflix and decided to see what all the fuss was about. I then proceeded to binge the entire series (except for the last season which releases this year – NO, DON’T LEAVE ME).

Orphan Black is as good as you’ve heard. The storyline can get a little complex and convoluted at times, and literally nothing ever goes right, but damn this show is good. And Maslany’s ability to portray so many different characters is freaking amazing.

As for the LGBTQIA+ aspect: Cosima, one of the four main clones in the show is gay, and there was also a transguy clone who had a small role, as well. Cosima’s romance with Delphine is really adorable and also wrought with heartbreak because this is Orphan Black we are talking about here.

3. pretty little liars


Yes, this show is kind of terrible but I cannot help but love it. Also, a girl loving girl of colour is one of the main characters so that alone is a 100% valid reason to watch.

The fact that Emily’s romances get as much screentime and angst and cuteness as all the cishet ones makes me happy. Because when my cute queer couples are sidelined for the cishet ones I am not happy.

At the point where I’m up to in this show Emily hasn’t fond her endgame girlfriend but it better happen. After all the A crap she deserves a happily ever after.

4. shadowhunters


Okay so the acting might be terrible, and they have changed the storyline so much from the books that it’s barely recognisable … but I can’t help but watch this. And Malec is so BEAUTIFUL. And haven’t been denoted to just the cute m/m couple. They are adorable together, yes, but they also disagree and talk about important things and are real! people!

I’ve also heard rumours that Simon is going to be pansexual and so help me lord if this happens because it would be AMAZING.

5. how to get away with murder


How to Get Away with Murder started off with two cis male gay characters (one of whom is a man of colour), and then BAM Annalise is bi/pan (so far I haven’t seen her use a word to describe her identity). THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY I CANNOT EVEN.

I loved this show before it was revealed that Annalise had been in a relationship with a woman (and then kind of continued that relationship in the present), but my respect for the show went up by approximately 100% after that point. It’s still such a big deal (and I mean this in the exciting way, obviously) when shows have queer characters, and for one this popular and widely consumed to expand upon a character’s sexuality in the second season was just incredible.

Have you watched any of these shows? Do you want to? What are some of your favourite shows with LGBTQIA+ characters?

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