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Okay, okay, I realise that “conception giveaway” is not the nicest term but I’m digging it right now, so what up?

You’re probably here because of one (or both) of two reasons:

a) You know me from my book blog Books for a Delicate Eternity

b) You saw “giveaway”

Amirite? I am right. I know I am (because I just happen to be one of those people that is right 99.9% of the time. Baby, I was born this way).

Anyway, if you’re worried about my book blog disappearing from your feed, never fear, my dearling! Because this right here, Chiara Sullivan, is my author site/blog. I’ll be blogging about writing most of the time, and sometimes about reading, and probably a lot about fandoms and cats (come on, you had to have been expecting that one). So:


I think you’ll love it here (or at least I hope you do), and to celebrate this stupendous occasion, I have a giveaway. Hurrah! You have a chance to win one LGBTQIA+ (because, just to make it 100% known: I am an LGBT+ YA writer, y’all) release from April. You can look at this page to see them all.

As always, some BORING guidelines, but necessary becuase because because:

– You must be over 18 (or if you’re under 18 – we’ve all been there – grab permission from a parent or guardian)

– Don’t cheat ’cause cheaters are lame

– You must live in a country that The Book Depository delivers to

– Obviously Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin etc have no party to this

– If your book gets lost (ALL THE SOBBING) I can’t replace it because poor

And now, assuming you read those points, enter away! :D

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, I HAVE to mention the absolutely gorgeous design created by Mitchii because I seriously couldn’t be happier. It is so perfect and completely what I imagined my writer blog/author site to look like (and I barely gave directions because I’m awful like that). So THANK YOU, Mitchii! <3

I look forward to meeting again next time,


18 Responses to a welcome post + conception giveaway!

  1. Dude. Duuuuuude. Why did I not know this was coming? Also the design is wicked. Seriously I love the feathers and co. And although I don’t really like blue (it is a very unflattering colour when it comes to my person okay?) I love how it looks in your design. And I gotta say I admire you a little bit for having the energy and motivation to have two blogs at a time. And with split content at that. I just throw everything into one and even then I can barely come up with content lately. Sucks major balls. Anywayyy, good luck with this one and I can’t wait to read about you writing. And reading. And fangirl about cats or anything else for that matter.

    • Chiara says:

      I’m so glad you like it! And blue looks disgusting on me but it still remains my favourite colour ;D

      I didn’t want to overflow my book blog with all my writerly adventures and besides I knew I would need an author site one day (I am ALL FOR positive reinforcement) so I thought: why not??

      Thank you, lovely! <3

  2. Your writing blog is sooo cute and adorable, I wanna rip it off you and own it. HAHAHA! JK. I can’t wait to read a lot of your stuff in here. I am subscribed and ready for all your wonderful thoughts Chiara!


    Aaaahhh, I love it, I love it so much! I’m so happy for you and the website is utterly gorgeous. <333

  4. Mitchii G. says:

    I didn’t know you already launched it. Ah~! I’m so happy that you liked it. Congrats! Congrats!

  5. Lillian says:

    Whoop di do! Love love love this design! The feathers and the delicate look is just wow. *_*
    Seriously, I cannot wait to see the content you come up with here!

    • Chiara says:

      Yay! I am in love with the design, too. Especially the feathers. So now I have two of Mitchii’s designs to ogle and call my own *whoops*

      Eep, I cannot wait to share it!

  6. Ely says:

    I’M SO HAPPY! As usual, your design is to die for and I’m incredibly jealous. I can’t wait to see what you post on here, lovely <3

    • Chiara says:


      I’m so glad you like it ^.^ Mitchii is incredible and I can’t thank her enough for making a design so perfect.

      I can’t wait to post here, and I hope you like it, lovely! <3

  7. Romi says:

    Chiara this is awesome. Awe. Some. I have more than some awe for this, though. I have a lot of awe. It is, I do declare. Alotofawe. Awealot. That kind of thing.
    I didn’t know you were a writer, and I’m so excited to follow this gorgeous looking blog and find out more about what you write and your progresses and all of it! Congratulations, again, on your fantastic new blog! Xx

  8. Eek, this is so incredibly exciting, Chiara! I can’t wait to dive into your world of writing. :) And Mitchii did an amazing job–I absolutely adore your blog design!

  9. HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS BEFORE? Ha! Anyway, so excited to see what you have up your sleeve for this Chiara. Definitely pumped for this!

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