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Chiara / January 11, 2019 , Fri / films & music

In all honesty, I love watching movies just as much as I love reading books. I have my book blog to chat about the books I read, and I wanted something similar for the movies I see. I created Movie of the Month as a way to talk about the movies I watch, especially the good ones. Maybe you’ll even find some great flicks to add to your watch list!

movie of the month: october


I gave Radius 3.5/5 stars and it was the movie I rated the highest in October. I did actually really like this film and I hope to put it on the radar! This movie is about a guy that wakes up after a car crash and now he kills everything that gets close to him. Oh, and he also has no memory. Enter girl who negates his powers, and a journey that will leave you shocked at the mega twist of this movie.

movie of the month: november


Moana actually ended up being one of my favourite films of the entire year (if you’re interested in my bests and worsts check out this post). The hype was real for once, but I’m still glad that I waited to watch this one because I didn’t feel any pressure to love it. And love it I did! I loved the music, the story, the animation. I definitely want to watch it again, and I want to hear all those amazing songs again! If you haven’t already watched this one, I highly recommend it.

movie of the month: december


If I was going to put rewatches as my favourites then it would have been difficult to pick between The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Santa Clause, and Dear Santa because they were all five stars. Obviously my favourite movies are Christmas movies and I am not ashamed to admit it. But since this is about new movies, The Holiday Calendar takes the cake. This movie is sweet and magical and romantic. It is also now a must-watch for me every Christmas. Hype this up, please!!

What’s a great movie you watched recently?

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