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Chiara / April 7, 2016 , Thu / writing

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I’ve been squealing about exciting things coming to this blog. And of course, when asked what said exciting things were, I evaded and kept everything hush hush.

Well, now one of the exciting things is here! And it’s an interview with Hannah Moskowitz! I have literally loved every book of Hannah’s that I have read, and I feel so honoured that she agreed to an interview here on the blog.

So, without further ado, here are some questions by moi and answers by Hannah.

interview with hannah moskowitz

1) What inspired/inspires you to write LGBTQIA+ fiction?

Even before I knew I was queer, I had gay members of my family, so it’s always been an issue that’s close to my heart. And it’s also important to me to question the idea of straight as the standard, and there’s the idea that talking about heterosexuality is expected, but when you talk about anything else, you’re automatically oversharing. Why is that?

I also started writing queer YA back when most of it was still coming out books. Don’t get me wrong–as long as there are teenagers struggling with coming out, we will still need coming out books. But it’s not the only experience.

2) What is a favourite quote from one of your books? Why is it a favourite?

I really love “Love isn’t a period. It’s a semicolon” in GENA/FINN, and I didn’t even write that line; my cowriter did! Of lines I’ve written…I’m partial to “I am curves instead of lines, but that is still shapes” in NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED, because screw proper grammar.

3) When it comes to representation in LGBTQIA+ fiction what do you think is the most important aspect?

Diversity. Queer experiences differ just as much as straight experiences. And we’re also not all cisgendered, gay white men.

4) If you were to speak on a literary panel about LGBTQIA+ fiction what topic would you talk about and why?

I’d love to talk about what it’s like to be queer in a politically very liberal area. There’s the perception that you’re either faced with outright hate or complete acceptance, and it’s just not like that. Even people who love queer people generally have more complicated feelings when it’s someone in their own house. It’s a really complex narrative that I think we haven’t explored much yet.

5) What is one LGBTQIA+ book that you recommend?

MY HEARTBEAT by Garret Freymann-Weyr.

6) Silly question time – if you could be any animal for a day what would it be and why?

One of my cats. They’ve got it good.

I absolutely LOVED reading Hannah’s answers to these questions, especially the ones to the first and fourth question. It was ridiculously amazing to get inside her head on these topics. Also, the two quotes she shared are ones I loved when reading those titles, so we both have amazing taste as far as I’m concerned. And there’s also a rec for a book I hadn’t heard of that has now been immediately added to the TBR. Here’s the Goodreads link to it, because I’m kind like that.

Now, because I love Hannah’s books, and I want you to love them, too, I’m giving you the chance to win one of her books! :D In paperback, though, because I’m a writer, remember, and writers are poor. I rec Teeth the most because that is one of my favourite books EVER, and Teeth is the most precious thing in THE ENTIRE WORLD and needs love and affection and attention. But you can see the full list of her books here.

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I hope you loved reading this interview as much as I did! And keep a look out for some more exciting things headed this way. Tata for now,

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