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Chiara / September 16, 2015 , Wed / writing

Rejection, Rejection, Rejection is my way of: a) sharing things with you that I fully intended to through publications but that were rejected, and b) show you that being rejected is part of being a writer. I really hope you like this series, because I was ridiculously over-excited about it when the idea came to me. I hope you like these pieces that nearly missed out on being seen by your eyes.

#1 – flash fiction

This piece is one that I submitted for a flash fiction blog that publishes stories that are exactly one hundred words (including the title). The topic was ‘underground’. This is exactly as I submitted it, but with only three added words.


He dreamed of the things he’d never seen. Most of them came from the books he’d found hidden in the box under the floor.

He dreamed of the sun, and what it would feel like if he stepped out into it for the first time, letting the warmth seep into the layers of his skin right through to his soul.

He dreamed of the princes that woke sleeping girls and saved trapped girls and married mermaid girls, and how a prince would save a boy in darkness.

He dreamed of life, of something more, of love.

But they were all just dreams.

So there you have it! My little flash fiction submission that would never have seen the light of day if I hadn’t started Rejection, Rejection, Rejection. I really hope you like my little story, and the blog series!

Chiara / September 6, 2015 , Sun / writing

The lovely Topaz tagged for the 777 Challenge, where you give lines 7-14 from the seventh page of your current WIP, and then tag seven people to do the same. I’m actually pretty excited about being tagged for this, because it gives me an excuse to share a little snippet of my writing with you all!

I actually looked at both of my finished novels, and my current WIP, and the lines are extremely out of context, and (for two of my WIPs) not particularly my favourites, if I’m being honest. It was really hard to choose because of this!

Also, I was super confused about whether to use seven lines, or seven sentences, so I went with the seven lines AFTER the first seven sentences (YAY for confusion). I also cheated and went with the fourteenth page of my manuscript, because I liked those lines a lot better (and fourteen is divisble by seven so I didn’t break the rules too much!).

The following lines are from my finished novel, FA. It’s about bisexual boys, and … it’s my favourite book baby. I know writers aren’t supposed to have one, but I do. FA is my precious darling, and I love it beyond words. I hope you like this little snippet!

“How can you say this is not your fault? HOW?”

I stood up, pushing back the chair I had been sitting in. “Because it’s not, mother! It’s. Not. My. Fucking. Fault.”

Before I knew it, her hand slapped me across the face. My cheek burned with the contact, and I lifted my hand to the spot. She had never hit me before. For all her emotional and verbal abuse, she had never raised a hand to me. But when I looked in her eyes, there was no remorse. No guilt. There was nothing.

OH BOY. This is such an intense scene, and I would love it if at least some of you were going: “What is or isn’t his fault? TELL ME.” Because that would please my evil writer heart a lot.

So there you have it: some lines from FA. I really hope you like them, and that I have piqued your interest for my favourite book baby.

Now, I’m supposed to tag more writers, but pretty much all of the writing bloggers I know have already done this! The only two I can think of are Emily @ Loony Literate, and Romi @ Where the Writer Comes to Write – so I tag both of you with this challenge :D I cannot wait to see your lines!

Although, if you’re a writer, and you like the look of this tag/challenge, you can say I tagged you. :)


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